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Our responsive staff offers free estimates, and we can perform same-day Calgary junk removal service.

Junk We Haul

Residential service

We haul your junk and trash to help you live in clutter-free space

Renovation debris

Our team remove your construction debris easy, and haul away for quick recycling.

Junk Removal

Fast Junk provides services that can help people get rid of their clutter and unwanted items in a cost-effective and eco-friendly way. We provide the necessary support to make sure that your home or office is free from clutter.

Some of our most common services are residential junk removal, commercial junk hauling, and renovation debris removal. These types of services make it easier for people to get rid of their unwanted items in an efficient way.

Experts from our company will come to you and do all the work required to get your junk onto our truck. We help to remove or haul items such as refrigerators, televisions, books, couches, pianos, treadmills computers etc.

Our services are just what you need. Fast Junk is a locally owned company in Calgary, and we deal with all rubbish removal needs on either your residential or commercial properties.

Our pricing is volume-based. This means you only pay for the amount of space your items occupy in our junk truck!

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Junk Removal Calgary

These are not the giant dump trucks picking up the garbage; instead, these businesses have staff that you call anytime you want to remove big, heavy objects or hundreds of bags and boxes of junk. We arrive at your houses and remove junk from everywhere, such as basements, garages, and enclosed spaces.

Although many rubbish removal businesses simply take your trash to the dump to make things easy for themselves, there are a few environmentally conscious junk removal services out there, such as Fast Junk. When feasible, our haulers transport your rubbish to the recycling facility or give it to a charity so that all your junk doesn’t end up in a landfill.

If you are struggling with large, bulky things that are difficult to remove, like a sofa, freezer, heavy machine items or mattress set, or if you’d simply just not want to deal with all the lifting of those heavy objects and inconvenience. You should consider hiring a Fast Junk service.

Fast Junk is an environmentally conscious business that typically takes appliances and electronics as we own the expertise to ensure that these things are handled properly and recycled.

If you just prefer to keep the trash out of already-overburdened landfills, decrease energy consumption and waste, and avoid the spreading of plastics in our seas, Fast Junk is a great solution.

Whether you are cleaning out your attic, planning to shift, or perhaps renovating your house, ensuring that your trash is properly disposed. It enables you to have a much more beneficial influence on the world. Fast Junk can surely be able to assist you with this.


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Appliance Removal

We remove everything from washing machines to freezers or microwaves. Then we dispose of all these appliances in order it produces no harm to the environment.

Scrap Metal Pickup

Save yourself from the hassle of removing and disposing of your spare metal. Only  call for Fast Junk to take up scrap metal from your home or workplace. We’re completely insured for doing all the lifting of those heavy loads. Besides that we also recycle wherever feasible saving your effort, time and worry.

Construction Debris Removal

Timber, sheetrock, marble are only a few kinds of construction removal we do. Fast Junk could assist you in construction debris removal.

Commercial Junk Removal

Fast Junk could provide businesses with ongoing services, equipment removal and other removal services which may include hauling of office supplies and equipment such as monitors, printers, scanners, office desks and chairs and several other stuff.

Furniture Removal

Fast Junk employs professional workers to remove damaged or unwanted furniture. We pivot correctly along its way out, taking care of not damaging any walls and afterwards donate or dispose of your old furniture.


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Garbage Removal Service

Is there too much junk for you to manage? Our workers will appropriately pack and dispose of all that unwanted stuff. The garbage removal service provided by Fast Junk is completely stress-free.

Hot Tub Removal

We have a unique approach to removing hot tubs. Concerned about fiberglass strewn over the place? We don’t break hot tubs; we just lift them! Fast Junk would drain the hot tub, disconnect it, and dispose of it safely.

Mattress Removal

Fast Junk offers a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible mattress removal service to help the procedure go smoothly. Our skilled mattress removal staff would have the ability to remove that bedframe and mattress without causing any damage to your property. We’ll take care of lifting all the heavy objects so you won’t have to drag objects out into the trash and become a nuisance for your neighbours. Lastly, we ensure that the bed or mattress must be disposed of properly at a recycling site to avoid harming our environment.

Residential Junk Removal

The fewer things you need to remove the easier your move would be. Sort the goods which you want to remove from everywhere, including each room, cupboard and drawer. It is much more efficient to sort this stuff for removal once you call our Fast Junk services. We will remove everything you don’t want to store for the next years. After that you have to show us the things for removal and we will make them disappear right away.

Junk Removal Cost

Fast Junk is transforming the junk removal business by offering their customers transparent, up-front pricing and quality eco-friendly service. These services also include recycling and donating options as well as speedy haul-away solutions. If you want to declutter the house or remove and dispose of unwanted heavy objects that are difficult to manage yourself, Fast Junk is an easy and simple choice. However, there are some items that we will not accept. If it’s hazardous or toxic, we are unlikely to take it.


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