Debris Removal Service in Calgary 

Fast Junk is a locally owned building trash removal company in Calgary, and we are going to help you with all renovation waste needs on your construction site.

What We Do

Affordable pricing

You only pay for the amount of room your items occupy in our junk truck

We do all the work

Handling, lifting and loading of every item

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Calgary Construction Debris Removal

Construction and renovation projects often leave a lot of debris to clear up and this isn’t something you can generally manage immediatly. Unless you hire a garbage removal company to help you get rid of the debris.
Suppose you’re looking at heaps of steel, concrete, wood, or drywall from a recent renovation or remodeling project. In order to solve this garbage removal you should use Fast Junk services. We also provide furniture removal

What We Do

Fast Junk professionals provide a safe and environmentally responsible construction and renovation debris hauling service from contractors to property owners. Our service is tailored to meet your specific requirements. Fast Junk staff may work with you to schedule many pickups or we can truck everything away once your job is over. We’re here to arrange ridding of the debris as easy as possible without having to worry about disposal.


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Construction Debris Pickup

Common materials used in construction and renovation such as bricks, insulation, scrap wood, tiles etc. are included in construction debris. Trash may also include certain forms of heavy debris, such as concrete or blocks.
It’s a difficult task to clean up construction site. It is even dangerous for you to clean up these stuff on your own. To handle the garbage at your job site you need a similarly difficult service. We’ll keep your work environment clean and organized with fast service.

Residential Construction Debris Removal

Household garbage is created through a range of initiatives such as home remodeling, routine decluttering, garage cleanouts and home repairs.
We provide low-cost junk removal for all of your cleaning requirements around the house. No matter how enormous the problem is our service will save you time and money when it comes to renovation trash removal.


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Storm Debris Removal

Storm debris left on your property after a gale could cause damage or even become a nuisance. Storm debris is often unsightly, difficult to store, especially for homeowners who do not have time to handle  the disaster.
The last thing you want to do after a severe storm is trying to figure out how to clear your property of all the falling limbs and windblown debris. Our professionals may assist you in quickly cleaning gale debris and returning to your daily routine. Our staff will make every effort to clean your property as soon as possible.


How It Works


It is quite straightforward. Give us a call. We will handle everything. Here are the processes for requesting our renovation debris recycling or working with us:
• Book your building trash removal service online or give us a call to get started.
• Our courteous, competent staff will always contact you within 30 minutes of picking you up! We are not keep you waiting since your time is precious to us.
• When we come show us what needs to be taken away and we’ll take care of it. We will provide our all-inclusive price to you.
• Regardless of where things are, we do hard lifting and loading.


Why Fast Junk?

• Reliability: We answer the phone as soon as you call
• Hassle-Free: Take advantage of friendly customer service and clear terms of service.
• You may adjust the appointment time date to fit your schedule.

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