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We are a locally owned junk pallets removal company in Calgary, and we are going to help you with all pallets removal and disposal needs on your home or warehouse.

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You only pay for the amount of room your items occupy in our junk truck

We remove any pallets

Wooden pallets, plastic pallet, as well as metal pallets and cardboard ones

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Pallets Removal Services

Pallets Disposal Services

Many shipping companies have an excess of used shipping supplies such as pallets, reels, and crates. These can quickly mount up and obstruct your daily operations. Fast Junk not only specialize in pallet pick up, but also crates, dunnage, barrels, and other wooden items on a one-time basis or permanently depending on your needs. Pallets that cannot be repaired will be refurbished or recycled. We understand that pallets can become a fire hazard. Fast Junk will assist you in keeping your space clear while also helping the environment. We also provide hot tub removal services.


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Do you require immediate wood pallet removal in your area?


Putting out new goods becomes tough when your deliveries pile up pallets, cardboard boxes, and other stockroom debris. Get wood, metal or plastic pallets hauled away by our experienced garbage removal team. 

Our worldwide skilled pallet removal representatives can help you get rid of your old pallets as soon as upi need. We can carry away any quantity of wooden pallets from your side with no pickup minimums.


Pallet pick-up order size


Pick-up of 5 pallets or less is considered as a small. We work out a time wich is convenient for you without disruption of your business operations cycle. We can also assist you with a tailored pallet management strategy. It is valuable approach if you have 50 pallets or more or if you often accumulate wooden materials. More information about our lumber pick-up and recycling services may be obtained by contacting us.

All varieties of pallets may be disposed of easily and affordably with us. We accept all types of wood, metal, and plastic pallets as well as huge, heavy metal box pallets and bulky containers. Fast Junk is your one-point service provider for trusted, professional pallet removal nearby. We are experienced in processing of any private and commercial  order.


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Pallet Pick Up Calgary


Free pallets in Calgary are something you will desire whether you operate a business or want to construct some beautiful furniture for your house. Pallets are utilized by huge corporations on a regular basis to transport their products from the point of manufacture to the point of sale. Pallets can be delivered from small town to another one within the province or  throughout the country depending on the sorts of retailers which buy the product from the manufacturers.  Before you take any pallets with any items make sure you ask the sellerwhether you may have them taken and if you are obliged to turn them back to avoid additioanl charges for goods purchses and packaging. We can turn your pallets back to the seller based on your instruction and arrangements.

Pallets in Calgary: Where Can You Find Them?


It is right question to be raised where to obtain free pallets in Calgary. Inquiring your local retailers ideally the larger chain stores is the best place to start. These businesses deal with a huge number of pallets on a daily basis. Just drive around the mall and see if there are any pallets laying around. If  you get your pallet found you should go inside and ask if you may  remove their pallets being not charged. If you take any pallet without permission you can be can led to a huge fine. Thus make sure you ask the owner if you are permitted get them taken.

We remove any types of pallets:

  • Plastic pallets
  • Hardwood pallets
  • Block pallets
  • Metal pallets
  • Paper pallets
  • Stringer pallets

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