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We are a locally owned junk removal company in Calgary. We are going to help you with all junk removal and disposal needs on your home or office.

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Calgary Junk Removal Service

In the last few years, the pandemic has forcefully and somewhat permanently moved us indoors. As a result we have started spending more time in our homes than we thought we would. At times like these one realizes how messy and cluttered our homes have become and what would it be like to live in a clean, organized, and decluttered space. Most of us have started DIY-ing our spaces. But whether it is installing new floorboards, slathering on a new coat of paint, or building our furniture, the one thing that remains a big problem is the junk and clutter left afterward. We also offer Garbage removal service

Garbage Removal Service

If you are tired of lugging all that load and hiring expensive contractors. Hire us for any non-hazardous garbage removal needs. Whether you are looking to Marie Kondo your way out of your junk or looking for a pick up junk to remove construction, renovation, or other debris, We are here to tell you that we have the best junk removal service in Calgary.


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Construction Debris Removal

Construction or renovation can be an extremely messy process that leaves you with a pile of rubble that you don’t want with no way to remove it yourself. This rubble may include concrete, drywall, wood, asphalt, metal, bricks, and much more. The pile of construction debris is not only big but also heavy. This is why Fast Junk offers the best junk removal service in Calgary to help you get rid of your junk safely and reliably.

Old Furniture Removal

Whether you are redecorating or thinking of removing old broken furniture it can be a huge hassle to drag it out to the curb for disposal. If you drag the furniture out yourself you not only risk damaging your floors and other valuables but also risk to injury yourself.

Exercise Equipment Removal

All of us are guilty of buying gym equipment and stashing them away to rust in the garage. Since they are extremely heavy, most of us just let them sit and gather dust instead of moving them out. This equipment tends to take up a lot of your space and must be removed if it is no longer in use.


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Appliances Removal

A big part of decluttering and renovating is getting rid of old furniture and broken appliances that you don’t use anymore. These appliances may include old machines, freezers, refrigerators, stoves, hot tubs and dishwashers. Hiring professional junk removers for the job is essential since they have the expertise and equipment to handle such removals.

Construction Waste Removal

Construction, renovation, or even normal decluttering can uncover a lot of unwanted miscellaneous junk like old tires, unused pallets, sod, soil, construction dirt and debris, cardboard, dead plants or even old mattresses. This junk can cause a big hindrance especially if you move it out to your curb. You can call us to ask for junk removal costs in Calgary at (587) 288-98-02 or email us for bookings at [email protected]

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