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Fast Junk is a locally owned junk removal company in Calgary. We are going to help you with all hot tub removal and disposal needs on your home.

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Portable hot tubs, inflatable hot tubs, wooden hot tubs as well as swim hot tubs


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Hot Tub Removal In Calgary

Calgary is a great place to live and with its cold seasons the hot tubs are a great addition to any home. However they are not always easy manageble in terms of maintenance. You may also want to upgrade your jacuzzi. But that’s where a hot tub removal service comes in. Don’t search a jacuzzi removal service “near me”. You are already found a professional removal service. We also provide Scrap metal pick up


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Outdoor Hot Tub Removal


If your current jacuzzi is outside the hot tube can be removed rather easy.Usually there are only a few steps:

● Turn the breaker off that powers the tub
● Remove the water from the tub and clean it out.
● Remove the tub

Indoor Hot tub Removal

Replacing an indoor jacuzzi may not be as common as most people keep hot tubs outdoor. Indoor tubes generally last longer, have lower electricity costs, and don’t risk freezing overnight during the winter.

Removing the tubs leaves a lot of mass. Depending on damages caused to the area some part of your housing arear may need to be renovated. It also requires garbage removal services in time. A good contractor will evaluate the damage and help you determine what should be doneand which add-on services to take into consideration.


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What Does It Cost To Remove A Hot Tub?


There are many reasons people in Calgary want to get rid of their saunas. Hot tubs are expensive to run and take a long time to heat up.  They are also referrd to as a giant factor that can trip up your curb appeal when you’re trying to sell your house. However, there is one reason more than any that makes people to consider getting rid of their hot tubs — the harsh winters! During the summer months, it will not cost you very much to keep it running. Just changing the water and chemical levels every week allows you to keep your resort arranged. But in the winter, your costs may increase significantly. An efficient tub like a Hydropool is about $10-15 to run during the summer and $50 on average during the winter. This does not include maintenance or chemical costs.

Hot tub disposal costs can vary quite a bit depending on what the current setup looks like and how easy it is to remove. For instance an inexpensive sauna with a standard single-person cover usually costs cheaper. Removal of a 15-ft hot tub has higher pricing.


Calgary Hot Tub Removal Services


Hot tubs are made for relaxation. They are  not meant to cause stress. However when you want to remove your jacuzzi or dispose of it properly you can face to struggle and come to stressful felling. Professional hot tub hauling services take care of all that, so you don’t have to worry! Fast Junk removes the hot tub, cleans up debris, hauls it off safely and ensures you know where your jacuzzi is going. Hot tub removal is more accessible with Fast Junk professionals.

We remove any hot tubs:

  • Portable hot tub
  • Inflatable hot tubs
  • Wooden hot tub
  • Swim hot tubs
  • In-ground hot tub

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